Increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your information technology environment requires a clear understanding of its current operating condition and a strategic plan for implementing improvements moving forward.

TCO’s IT assessment can help to determine whether current and future needs of your organization are able to be met with systems, infrastructure, staffing, practices, and procedures already in place. We evaluate the current IT environment, focus on priorities, and plan for future requirements.

TCO IT assessments and planning services focus in the following areas:

System Assessments

When you have the right systems, infrastructure, staffing, and organizational practices in place it’s easier to achieve organizational efficiency and growth. A technology assessment from TCO not only evaluates your current environment, but reveals your business’ priorities, and helps to plan for future success. Client organizations rely on TCO to provide an independent and objective perspective on their technology environment. Assessment services include, but are not limited to:

  • Review of IT operations
  • Evaluation of the overall technology environment
  • Review of technical architecture
  • Analyses of IT department and organization
  • Assessments of technology staff skill and skills gaps
  • Application and data management
  • Operating practices and general IT management
  • Documentation and reporting
  • Change management procedures
  • Comparisons of organizational needs to best practices
  • Staff capacity and capability assessments
  • Reviews of internal controls
  • Quality assurance
  • Risk assessments & mitigation strategies

Software Applications

Your current software solutions may not be the best solutions available to you for your given industry, practices, processes, and future growth requirements.

Our IT consultants can guide your organization through assessing your true business needs today and your vision for your organization tomorrow. TCO identifies applications that are appropriate to future-state needs resulting in discovery, acquisition, implementation and optimization of the best solutions that leverage your existing technology investments whenever possible.

Solutions we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Business intelligence (BI) systems for corporate performance management
  • Acquisition of independent systems
  • Reviews pre- and post-implementation
  • Quality assurance (QA) and enterprise project management
  • Process Improvement

Vendor Management

Effectively managing vendor relationships can be key to getting the most from your software investments. Monitoring performance, mitigate risks, and reducing costs is made all the more complex when multiple departments and individuals are involved.

TCO works with you to develop or administer your vendor management program to enable

  • Identification of vendors profiling
  • Assessment and classification of vendor risk level
  • Tracking and trending vendors’ performance over time
  • Mitigating the inherent risk to your organization

We can also provide recommendations for improvement of your existing vendor management program following evaluation.