Organizations struggling with operational challenges experience higher than expected costs, supply chain delays, and waste while quality, systems, and people continue to have greater capacity constraints. Companies who reach out to TCO express the feeling of discouragement and fear that they may never turn things around without our help. These are the times when our team rallies around our client to provide insights into operational challenges and their root cause(s). Only then can we strategize, plan, implement, and move toward improvement. Once there, we work with clients to identify exactly what is needed for sustainable change so that they’re continually improving over time with minor adjustments that serve their vision for the future they’re building for their organization.

TCO partners in collaboration with our clients. Together we explore new sources of digital value creation – areas cloud can transform business processes and outcomes and maximize their operational vision. Then, we create the digital strategy supported by a roadmap that is focused on generating the most significant near-term value for the client’s whole organization while accelerating digital transformation upon implementation.

Our goal is to enable clients to strategically and effectively align and manage their dynamic supply chain ecosystem using best-in-class cloud enterprise technologies, the Internet of Things (IoT), smart manufacturing, advanced manufacturing methodologies, and data analytics underpinned with process improvements that deliver immediate value.

We partner to develop strategy, a roadmap, and implementation controls and improve your customer experience (CX) by supporting logistics and fulfillment. TCO helps our clients grow market share with enhanced customer performance while improving predictability, reliability, and transparency across their operations and supply chain ecosystem.