Helping manufacturing companies achieve strategic goals, reduce operational costs, improve quality, and reliably deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX). TCO Partners engages our best engineers and consultants to solve the unique challenges manufacturers face.


At TCO Partners, Inc. we realize navigating the technology landscape can be daunting, acquiring technology risky, and implementation complex.

The experts at TCO use leading-edge analytical techniques and software from the fields of Technology Business Management (TBM) and Technology Selection Management (TSM) to navigate and inform your technology investment decisions. We’ve developed processes that transform the way your technology decisions are made – simplifying complexity to enable acceleration of timelines, increased collaboration, and intensified analytical rigor.

Client companies choose us over ordinary channel brokers or agents because we understand their business and what keeps the CEO, COO, CIO, and Manufacturing Operations leaders awake at night. TCO’s proven processes enable corporate leaders like you to make the long-term technology decisions most impactful to the achievement of organizational objectives – WITH CONFIDENCE. We analyze the business requirements needed now and the future needs of your growing business. TCO services mitigate the risks associated with acquiring technology while optimizing the cost, quality, and value of technology investments – freeing you up to focus on driving strategy, innovation, and execution toward the achieve your corporate objectives faster!

Why TCO?

Our consultants are recognized subject matter experts (SMEs) and thought leaders in their fields. We understand industry dynamics and are experienced in investigating and analyzing the potential impact of digital technology platforms on your existing business model, people, processes, products, and services. Through our partner ecosystem, TCO is uniquely positioned to execute complex transformations and project deployments across one or more geographies.